One color card + magnetic swatches!

We are committed to fully stocking the entire Art Gallery Fabrics PURE solid collection. These are our favorite solids and if you're here, we think you're probably a fan of these lovely silky solids too! 

As fans of PURE solids, we are obsessed with our PURE solids color cards.  Owning your own card is frankly, a game changer.  You will always have a swatch of the colors are on hand to make shopping online easier and give you the confidence you selected the colors you really want. Pulling together your own color palette and/or matching solids in prints is so much more fun with the help of these swatch cards.  It is the number one notion we HIGHLY recommend once you have the other quilting/sewing basics covered.

Well, our friend Brooke at Eudaimonia Studio shared a hack to make these cards even better! She has a wonderful tutorial that explains how she uses the swatches in her color cards to make magnetic color chips WITHOUT sacrificing your card!  It is genius and she will even send you templates for free! Head over to Eudaimonia Studio and she will show you how it's done.

And be sure to snag your color cards right here! BONUS - they're currently on sale!